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Fandramon's Hoard - Pokémon Collection
Pokemon Collection as of Feb. 18th, 2010.

First off, the exciting stuff! Plushies!

Pitiful right? :B I'm a bit weird and a couple of my mon's are dressed up, like my Tuxedo Chu [img1 | img2], and Raichu [based off my PKMN Silver Raichu; she's a spunky kick-ass type but doesn't mind dressing up once in a while :B] Meowth [affectionately known by my parents as "melon head"], is wearing a tropical shirt and lizard-print boxers [backwards for his tail to poke through XD]

Next up, still slightly exciting, figures & stuff!

These are most all in storage because I have no shelf room [what? My shelves are full of books! Who would've thought, eh? :B] I'm pretty sure at least some of these are bootleg; I also had a wallet that featured Pikachu standing beside a Bulbasaur with no bulb XD Took that 133 tag from a coat check-in place on a field trip, and the yin yang, well, how can you not recognize it? XD [It's the same as the one Shigeru wears :B]

These ones are out on my shelves now~ The talking Charmander was an x-mas gift from my cousin, get him the same year I got a gameboy color and pokemon blue; he's kinda beat up but surprisingly still talks XD

misc. 'mons, Mew from a bouncy ball XD | Vending machine figures | Pikachu Pokeball | Meowth bottles [I used to drink out of this thing EVERYWHERE around the house 'till my parents put them into storage. I though they were thrown out, but it appears not! My bro let me keep his too.]

Sorry, here's the boring stuff now; books, DVDs, video games, cards

I'll just put the rest as links so as not to put you all to sleep :B
JP Books 1 | JP Books 2 | Manga & Guides | Manga & Short Novels | Magazines | DVDs | Even more Novels & Books | Pokemon Coins [came with figures]
Cards: Just go HERE; mostly ollld TCG cards, a couple promos, 1st movie/tv screenshot cards, and some Japanese ones [a few with Shigeru~ X3]
hehe, I love the group pic in this one: [and lol at the pint-sized Arcanine XD]

Not shown: Shiny Chansey coin [its with my Yu-Gi-Oh! Deck XD], Lugia Movie coin [it's in my random coin bank], Nidorino attacking figure [hidden in my manga, lol].some old pokemon posters, [though most are faded from being hung on the wall for so long in my old bedroom], and anything I might have forgotten due to my bad memory XD

So, I don't really have anything too exciting [surprised? XD], mostly just stuff from my poke-charged youth :B I've never considered collecting pokemon stuff by species, I usually just go for the best of the best in whatever I like, because I'm fussy :p [ex, I've been looking for a Waninoko/Totodile plush that has jaws that aren't sewn down; I'm weird okay? XD] The only exception might be Shigeru/Gary; but sadly I don't even think he has very much merch to begin with that isn't that fanmade yaoi ;>> ew ;_; For that reason one of my goals is to find a pokemon cel or cel sketch of Shigeru, because he's just that awesome :3 [Sadly I've never even seen one on display/NFS in a collector gallery, so I might be out of luck on that ._.;] Something else of a dream is a book that I only ever saw once; was a large colour comic book [about 8.5"x11" or maybe bigger] of the viz-version Pokemon Adventure manga. Saw it when our family went camping many years ago in a convenience shop; it had most of the stickers in it already taken, it was about $20 I think, and it had Rival/Blue in it!! XD and my mom wouldn't fund for it. To this day I haven't found that book, and it makes me sad because my Shigeru collection is rather sad even after all the years I've been a fan ^^;

As for favourite pokemon, I think I have too many XD I like most of the reptile/dragon-like ones [the ones that actually LOOK like reptiles though, I mean, Shelgon just scares me, lol]. Also an 'eon fan [but that seems to be rather common I think XD] Other favs include Meowth & Persian, Mew, the Nidos and pokemon I've had on former pokemon teams [Eventually, they all grew up/evolved though ^^;] Feraligatr/Waninoko, Furret, Snubble/Granbull, Cubone/Marowak, Charizard and Raichu were my old Silver team. Was a bit more loose with my Emerald team: Sceptile, Tropius, Gyrados/Lantern, Seviper, Linoone, Mawile/Persian. I can't remember my teams in Blue or Yellow, and I can't check right now, they're stored on my Stadium2 cart incase of data destruction due to battery death or Gameshark ^^; [Yes, I own a rl gameshark and it's all kinds of fun.] Other favs are my "Birthday" pokemon; pokemon that represent the month/day/year/day-of-year I was hatched [Back then there weren't even enough for half a year, but now there's tons more XD] Mine are Charmeleon/Fearow/Dewgong/Aerodactyl. I find that I'm getting fewer favourites as the newer gens keep rolling out [Emerald gameplay-wise was a step back from G/S/C AND Team Magma/Aqua were just...well, stupid is putting it lightly XD Didn't care for showing 'mons either ^^; I did manage to beat the story, but have yet to catch that freaking Latios x.x]. Haven't played D/P/PL and don't intend to, although I have already pre-ordered Soul Silver :3 I'm a bit curious for gen 5, although some of the fake pokemon I've seen look even cooler than some of the legit ones, so we shall see X3

And, um, yea... That's all I got ._.

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