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I promise this is more than just a digi-collection update
Okay, so I have another collection update~ If you're sick of seeing my digimonz you can just pass this one by ^^;

Ikkakumon: Yaaay, more mail! Hey wait, its covered in tape, someone must've opened it already.... packet sniffers? o.O
Angemon: Well some people just seem to like sending bombs as gifts for the holidays, so I suppose security was increased.
Ikkakumon: ...But who would want a bomb?
Angemon: -_-; Just forget it Ikkakumon.

Angemon: *flips open lid* Hmmm, okay, this paper should say what's in the box...
Ikkakumon: Ack! Thanks for throwing the box on me, I wanna see what's in it too ya know!
Angemon: Just be patient...Actually I can't read this, it's in Japanese ^^; But whatever it is, there's 3 of them.
Ikkakumon: Great, now I'll go get them!

Angemon: Wait, Ikkakumon, they're--
Ikkakumon: Yaaah! Harpoon Tor-pffft, what, my foot is stuck, why is there glue in this box? ._.
Angemon: Ah! That almost flipped up into my face your moron. Incompetence -_-; As I was SAYING, since there's no bubble wrapping, the items are probably secured down with tape or glue. Evidently, it's glue.

Angemon: *opens packaging*
Ikkakumon: ;x; My foot is still stuuuuck.
Angemon: Well then I'll have to cut off the fur that got stuck there... and maybe give your mane a trim too >:D
Ikkakumon: ;x; Noooo! Wait, I'm unstuck, heheheh ^^; Hey, so, uh, what was in the wrapping there? :3

Ikkakumon: Ooooh, they're like, little portable digimon, cool! I wonder how all the food fits in there though... I like this one, its red and white just like me~
Angemon: Paws off Ikkakumon, you'll probably break it.

Ikkakumon: But, but... oh fine, I guess Fandramon gets all the fun :x

Teh End!!1!

I got these 3 Xros Wars minis off of Amazon JP using's bypass service; basically they just give you their warehouse address and you shop as normal :p The fees aren't too brutal either, though they only ship with EMS. As for the minis themselves, I've got mixed feelings about them; half the roster in the device isn't even obtainable, and it's very easy to get the digimon you want :/ Though they un-xros [or whatever] sometimes, but I don't know why that happens other than to xros them up the levels again so you dont get bored, so yea ^^; I've got a Belphemon on my Twilight [black] mini and my Tyrannomon just un-xrosed back into a Greymon on my Blue Flare mini. Can't get Beelzemon [wah! ;_;] so the Shoutmon mini is sitting in it's box still...I guess I could give it to Ikkakumon :p
See what one looks like unboxed HERE and a picture of the digimon in each device [top row = obtainable, bottom row = enemy only] is HERE.

And I actually got another box today [on a Sunday, wtf,] containing some stuff I got from Yahoo! Japan Auctions through Noppin. They're back to their old style bidding again, which I hate, [and their new website is kinda buggy] so I'll be looking for another proxy *sigh*

Plushies~ :D Oh, and a little Angemon figure, a Pocket Digimon World guide book [all I need is a working PS2 now and I can play the PDW games :D], and the Digimon Savers movie [and now my Argomon Ultimate mode collection is I'm serious, I think he literally got 5 minutes of screen time, and a card in the TCG, which I've got XD]
Remember when I said Noppin was buggy? It bid against itself when I went to up my bid for Growlmon before going to bed [time zones, ugh], so that ended up costing a bit more unintentionally -_-; No problems with the rest of the auctions though, thankfully x.x

Now then, how about Xros Wars episode 16?! Oh, it's not subbed yet, but that hasn't stopped me from watching it of course XD You can hop on over to THIS user's youtube page to check it out of you haven't already. Looking pretty epic, yay for not lame Lucemon, even if he went down pretty quick [can't we have an "enemy digimon of the month" as opposed to the "enemy digimon for the week" for once? Just to spice things up :p] I hate Shakkoumon though, mainly because I hated those Arabaraki or whatever in Nocturne so I will therefore hate any other iteration of them [lol], but yea. He's so annoying with his "Shyakkoooo~~ Na no da~" I wanna punch him. Or set him on fire, hehe. But I dunno about X4B, it's just like, wtf, if they tack any more digi-parts into it it'll end up being "Shoutmon OMGWTFBBQ1337 ~Epic Mode~" or something. And do I even want to know where Beelzemon's head went? o.O; There *is* the rest of the team of digimon to base from [and maybe Blue Flare too, if Kihira isn't feeling like being an asshole XD] I think I might be the only one wanting to see Nene x Lucemon fanarts now though... |D
Can't wait for subs, but the next ep is gonna come out soon and I don't even know what's going on here now... Ryuu-Rouge just *has* to be a stickler for the best quality episode rips, I swear I could go watch Adventure while I wait XD Sadly I need to wait for the new episodes now, I was able to stay up before and watch them live but now with the time change it's waaay too early. Like 5:27am too early @_@ I like my sleep just a liiiittle bit more than digimon okay? :p

And that's a wrap, for now at least. Hope that was entertaining :3


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