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You know you're obsessed with Digimon when...

Yea, I went there XD A DemiDevi-O-Lantern! It was actually my bro's idea, since I wanted to do a digi-lantern but couldn't think of anything good... We killed another pumpkin in the process for the extra parts though ^^; [The seeds were yummy too! :B]
More pics:

From last night; by morning, the sqls squirrels decided to attack his wings D: I just realized I never managed to get a side or back shot; he had his little butt wings too XD My dad thought it was funny so he took a pic of it with his phone, maybe that one came out decent, I'll have to bother him later.

Happy [Belated] Halloween everyone! Now what should I do for X-Mas...

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That's really awesome!

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