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Fandramon's Hoard - Digimon Collection Update
Whoo, new digimon season = more new merchandise! Presented in a silly photo-story format :p

Update as of Oct. 21st, 2010

Featuring Angemon & Ikkakumon:

Angemon: Phew, that box was heavier than it looked...
Ikkakumon: Yay, a box! I wanna open it~ *scratches*

Angemon: -_-; Ikkakumon, that wont work, you need to cut it open, like this.
Ikkakumon: Ooohhh. Okay, now open it!

Angemon: Okay, now you help unpack.
Ikkakumon: I see blue digimon! Hey there!
Greymon: The turbulence on the journey was horrible...
MailBirdramon: How about talking after we're out of the box?

Angemon: Ikkakumon, I think we might be missing somethi--
Ikkakumon: Ahhh!

Greymon: Hey, what the heck kind of digimon are you, all fluff?
MailBirdramon: No, he's got plenty of fat too. I can't even pick him up.
Ikkakumon: ;x; You guys are mean! Angemon, can we send them back?
Angemon: Ikkakumon, you're incompetent -_-;

Angemon: Well here's a bigger one...Must be the uncompressed version o.O
Ikkakumon: ...And he's fragmented. Guess you should do something about that.

Ikkakumon: At least the orange one looks a bit more friendly. I think.
Dorurumon: My name is Dorurumon! Now get me outta here!
Angemon: Ikkakumon, could we focus on one 'mon at a time?

Ikkakumon: Nope, I'll get the last one then...You look kinda like Greymon. Except your patterning is inverted.
Greymon2: Blue's my team colour.
Dorurumon: This lousy guy! Let me at him!
Ikkakumon: Hey, stop!

Greymons: *horn clash*
Dorurumon: So, is that like, the bro fist for Greymon?
Greymons: Shut up.
Greymon1: Not my fault I have short arms ;>>
Angemon: Okay, I still think something's missing...

Ikkakumon: Oh yea, I almost forgot about this, it was at the bottom of the box so I figured it wasn't important.
Angemon: -_-; THAT was the initial purpose of this order...these other digimon must've just tagged along...
Fandramon: *cough* I might have Xros Wars fever ^^;
Angemon: I'm sure there's a vaccine for that. Wait, where did this other box come from?
Ikkakumon: It was here the whole time, that's how I climbed up here :3
Angemon -_-; Once again, incompetence. Come on, let's open--

Ikkakumon: Let's do this! Scissor Torpedo! *stab*
Angemon: You almost crushed me you dolt!

Ikkakumon: Whatisitwhatisitwhatisit?
???: *rustle*
Angemon: Ah, good thing there was extra insulation. Let's help him out.

Chibimon: Bonjour, mademoiselle~
Angemon: He-- Erm, no, wait, I'm Angemon, not Angewomon ;>>
Ikkakumon: Another blue 'mon! Hiya! Welcome! Uh, I mean, Bienvenue! ^^;

Angemon: Ah, now for the relaxing part. All the bubble wrap! Not quite like walking on a cloud, but close enough.
Ikkakumon: W-wait, so *I* have to clean up the rest of this mess? D:


Here's a few more shots of Chibimon in his new home:

That was more fun than it probably should have been. Anyways, I picked up all the Xros Wars stuff, the Digimon History 2-disc soundtrack and the Animation Chronicle book off of CDJapan; highly recommended webshop, I even managed to sneak away with free EMS shipping from one of their promotions *and* no customs fees, whoo!
However, shortly after pic'ing MailBirdramon, I lost the MarineAngemon Digimemory D: It's rolling around my room somewhere now, I'm sure I'll find it when I'm not looking for it, but still @_@ I didn't manage to get the special pre-order X4 Digimemory with my Xros Loader either. Oh well. I think it'd be fun to collect Digimemories, except I don't really have a good way to store them ^^;
I've also been eying a few Xros Wars figure/keychain lots on Y!JP that aren't in any online shops [that I could find], so if I can find a good deal, would anyone be interested in the Xros Heart 'mons? Incase you didn't notice, I've taken a liking to Blue Flare's digimon roster [and MailBirdramon has such a cute voice... yes, I'm weird X3], I decided to nab Dorurumon too because he was on sale :p
Chibimon/DemiVeemon was an ebay find, the seller was in France, but agreed to ship to Canada, and the rest is history :p He's a Euro exclusive too, and I think I need to give him a bath, he's a bit dirty, but otherwise in decent condition :3

I actually didn't think I'd like Xros Wars, but it's grown on me ^^; It seems like it'll continue to be entertaining in future episodes too; I think there should be a IceDeviDaipenmon plushie, it just looks so huggable XD

Hopefully that was entertaining, or at least a good waste of 5 minutes XD
[And if you're having deja vu, it's because I xros-posted[lol] this to the digimon collecting communities here on lj too ^^;]

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