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Fandramon's Hoard - Digimon Collection
Digimon collection as of Feb. 23rd, 2010

Here are my plushies!

That giant Gabumon pillow/plush I found randomly at a Zellers a couple years ago oddly, I have no idea how it was still around o.O There was an Agumon there too, but I didn't get him, don't like him all that much ^^; The Gabumon and Patamon on the very right have travelled to my home from France; HERE is what their tags look like. Gabumon seems to have been washed and his stripes are really faded, but I think it looks neat. Patamon has a velcro pocket in his butt, so I guess he must've had a voice box at one point, but he came empty, [it might've been entertaining hearing Patamon yelling his attacks/phrases in French XD] Ikkakumon and Angemon were rather expensively purchased from Japan, but I love them a lot [it's weird, because I don't usually like the "good guys", but this Angemon is so cute and fluffy X3] The Greymon I found at a flea market for $2, lol, best toonie I ever spent XD He's the North American version though [if that matters any compared to the JP one? ^^;] Upaamon was a gift to my sis who liked to use it as a hackey-sack way back when; she was recently cleaning out her room and decided to give it back to me though XD The little Agumon, DemiVeemon, Patamon by Greymon, and Gomamon I found at Anime North last year; I think the Gomamon might even be legit, except none of them have tags ^^;

Next up, figures [and buttons!]

When I went to do this photoshoot I realized that my Tyrannomon from the two-box set must've fallen off the shelf where I normally had my 'mons sitting. Except under my shelves is my garbage can so... I think he's long gone ;_; The buttons I got off a random lot of stuff on ebay, I should probably disown most of those, I can't possibly think of enough places to put them all XD [Not shown: a Garurumon small pin, it's on a bag/purse/thing I have ^^;] If you're wondering what the heck is that thing beside my WereGarurumon, let me explain XD It's a mash-up of a bunch of digimon figures/evolvers that came broken or incomplete [it was part of a big auction lot with two D-Power Digivices; now if only I could find a serial-to-USB plug and I'd be able to use the CD and connectors too ^^;] The Gabumon-->MetalGarurumon digivolver and [Were]Garurumon Digivolvers were the only ones fully complete; You might not be able to tell in this picture, but I had to give my [Metal]Greymon his nose horn off of Kabuterimon XD That red thing is a Birdramon-->Garudamon mixed with Hawkmon-->Halsemon. I think it's epic :B Submarimon also has Garudamon's arms and Halsemon's, er, wing thing. I seem to have misplaced my HercuAngeRudamon, so here's a phone-cam pic I had saved ^^;

Next in line, my Accel stuff!

I guess not everyone might be familiar with the Accels, but I think they're really great ^^; I have the Evil Genome and Ultimate Genome [Thinking about getting a Nature Genome one eventually too ^^;] These cards are called DDP [Digimon Data Plates] and, when you scan with the scanner on the side of the device, they will always give you a certain DNA, item, or battle. Don't wanna ramble on too much on these though, so just enjoy the pics XD

And now, the rest of my Digimon Digivice/V-Pet collection! :3

The devices are as follows:
Digimon Pendulum Cycle Version 8 (White)
JP Digital Monster Version 1 (Grey/Brown)
Asia Digital Monster Version 5 (Transparent Grey/White)
Digimon Mini Version 1 (Blue/Black)
Digimon Mini Version 1 (Red/Black)
Digimon Mini Version 2 (Yellow/Blue)
Digimon Mini Version 3 (Transparent Green/Blue)
Digimon Pendulum Version 2.0/Deep Savers
Digimon Pendulum Version 5.5/Metal Empire
US D-Power Version 1 (Green)
US D-Power Version 1 (Blue)
Euro D-Power Version 1 (Red)
JP D-Arc Version 2 (Transparent Blue)
JP Digivice Version 1 (Transparent Orange/Blue)
JP Digivice Version 2 (Transparent Teal/Blue)
US Digivice Version 1 (Transparent Orange/Blue)
[Not shown: Digimon Pendulum Cycle Version 10 (Black) & Digimon Pendulum Cycle Version 10 (Red); thinking of disowning these ^^;]

Moar keychains! Remember Teddymon and Darkmon?! :B

Ah, nostalgia. I should make use of these, I actually haven't been going to school since I'm working, so no backpacks needing a bunch of zippers to be keychain'd :B

Okay, now some books and the misc. stuff:

Close ups in links: Colouring Books & Game Guides | Comics, Manga, JP Guidebooks, and a picture book ^^; | Digimon poster on my bedroom wall :3 | some more random stuff | Digimon Straws, Coaster, and Not-pin thing o.O
Highlights include a "Barcode Road" keychain that I wear at work ^^; [hey, it's functional! I'm not about to wear a stupid lanyard around my neck all day :B] The DS cloth case has Coronamon on the other side, I use it all the time with my DS, even though it's already covered in a hard plastic case too [you can never be too careful! :p] And Pendulum stickers, cords, D-Power CD, and the other half of the Barcode Road keychain [I think the barcodes on that card might give something special if you're able to scan them, but I dunno ^^;] The JP Guidebooks are for the Pocket Digimon World/ WS Digital Partner games, and the other is for the V-Pets and some of the Pendulums [it has lots of cute pics of the digimon inside using their attacks and stuff X3] I love my Digimon straws, staying hydrated has never been so much fun :B [I only use them at home though, lol]. The coaster and not-pin came with the bunch of pins in my earlier pic; I say "not-pin" because it's metal, but on the back are translations of different items in the Digimon Adventure WS game into Chinese from Japanese ^^; [Psh, I only got it because it's got VenomMyotismon on it though :p]

Alright, are you game?! Here are my video games:

The video games you see here are:
Digimon World [PS]
Digimon World 2 [PS]
Digimon World 3 [PS]
Digimon World 4 [PS2]
Digimon Rumble Arena [PS]
Pocket Digimon World [PS]
Pocket Digimon World: Cool & Nature [PS]
Pocket Digimon World: Wind [PS]
Pocket Culumon [PS]
Pocketstation [PS] {Needed in order to play Pocket Digimon World & Culumon games}
Digimon World DS [DS]
Digimon World Dusk [DS]
So mad that my Digimon World DS is a bootleg. I swear I'm never buying from another Hong Kong seller ever again ;>> And since my PS2 is pretty much dead, it can't play PS1 games, so I gotta invest in another one x.x [I never got a chance to try the Pocket Digimon series yet, all I can tell you is that Cool & Nature has the most epic game intro ever, followed closely by World 3 XD]

Alright, you can just go HERE and scroll down to see my card collection. Some old, some new, some in JP and some in English.

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Hi, I love your collection, oh and i spotted a Retro Sonic poster as well!!! xD Awesome!

Btw I have updated my Digimon Sale, I know have digivolvers, new action fig, and Digimon kids from Japan xD!!! Please try to check it!! See ya :D !

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