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Boring post is boring, but I need to kill 2 hours *edit* now with more digimon XD
Oh the joys of a glucose blood test; no eating, drop some blood, chug a bottle of orange sugary beverage, feel sick for 2 hours and then get drained again (vampires I tell ya!)
Well, I got the day off work at least (leave without pay sucks though :/)
Not much else noteworthy going on, although I finally got a chance to watch Xros Wars eps 16 and 17 last night. 18 is (surprisingly) out already so I have that to look forward to once I get home ^^;
Lucemon wouldve been more epic if he actually had an intimidating roar in his dragon form. Come on, I can roar better than that XD Poor Beelzemon got his wing blasted. Convenient reason for X5? Probably XD But I thought once the digimon go into the Xros Loader they get healed, what up with spamming the Cutemon heal and generic bandages? XD Oh well. Since Nene took a piece of Lucemons sphere, I wonder if he'll make another appearance, or if we'll just be spoiled with DarkKnightmon and his evilness. I swear I've heard his voice somewhere before O.o Can't wait for Deckerdramon to make his appearance, but I think that's still a couple eps off.

*edit* Okay, so Xros Wars episode 18 was epic too

freaking lol.
Deckerdramon's appearance is supposedly next episode. I can't wait~ There better not be anymore of those month long delays happening any time soon ;>>

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omg those are soooo amazing ;-;

but Agumon and Tailmon are kinda ugly; which makes me sad since Tailmon was my favorite in Adventure ;___;

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