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Boring post is boring, but I need to kill 2 hours *edit* now with more digimon XD
Oh the joys of a glucose blood test; no eating, drop some blood, chug a bottle of orange sugary beverage, feel sick for 2 hours and then get drained again (vampires I tell ya!)
Well, I got the day off work at least (leave without pay sucks though :/)
Not much else noteworthy going on, although I finally got a chance to watch Xros Wars eps 16 and 17 last night. 18 is (surprisingly) out already so I have that to look forward to once I get home ^^;
Lucemon wouldve been more epic if he actually had an intimidating roar in his dragon form. Come on, I can roar better than that XD Poor Beelzemon got his wing blasted. Convenient reason for X5? Probably XD But I thought once the digimon go into the Xros Loader they get healed, what up with spamming the Cutemon heal and generic bandages? XD Oh well. Since Nene took a piece of Lucemons sphere, I wonder if he'll make another appearance, or if we'll just be spoiled with DarkKnightmon and his evilness. I swear I've heard his voice somewhere before O.o Can't wait for Deckerdramon to make his appearance, but I think that's still a couple eps off.

*edit* Okay, so Xros Wars episode 18 was epic too

freaking lol.
Deckerdramon's appearance is supposedly next episode. I can't wait~ There better not be anymore of those month long delays happening any time soon ;>>

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omg Lucemon Satan Mode's roar was the most nonthreatening thing ever lmao

I still have to watch ep 18 /lazy ;-;

and I will never get over how no one even considered Shoutmon X4B and yet their primary concern was "BUT WE CAN'T FLY"
Like, if X4B wasn't strong enough I'd give them that, but c'mon Xros Wars

lol I know "let's waste this otherwise useless digimemory for a one time flight of cloud stairs because no one can fly" ;>> Well I thought he could kind of fly as X4B, but his beelze-wings get so small like wtf, how does that even work? Poor Beelzemon is totally neglected, I'm starting to think he's even being portrayed weaker than Baalmon. I mean come on, give the guy some of the spotlight XD
and OMG I just watched ep 18, you neeeed to see it, if only for the "warriors of love~" [Beelzemon: ...Does that include me too?] I lol'd, and there's epic battles, and the totally unexpected holy digimon that will become entirely obvious who it is once you see ep. 19's title... So is that a Sobek influence or something? o.O; I'm happy that the digimelody from the episode got me a Lucemon on my Xros Loader [now he'll live on forever! X3]
Well now I can't wait for it, need to make sure there's no disappointing delays or I'm going to throw a tantrum ;>>

Well they had to throw digimemories into this somehow

and ikr we need more Beelzebumon love ;-;

AND I'LL TRY TO GET OVER MY LAZINESS but I feel soooo lazy rn ;___;

I think someone posted a direct link to the episode in the ryuu rogue thread... here it is:
Now you don't have to deal with all that stupid torrenting crap! :D [torrents seem to kill my internet now, or maybe that's because the speed explodes to like 8000kbps and then it crashes everything and I have to reset it ;>> ugh]

There's more Beelzemon in this ep~ I sort of miss his badass motorbike form though ;_;

Oh, I already have the ep downloaded and ready to go just too lazy to actually watch it, but thanks anyway, lol. xD;;

and everyone misses his bike ;___;

Oh yea, I know what you mean, I think. Sometimes I feel like a lazy slug and can't be bothered to do anything XD Sadly that's starting to happen more often than it should lately ^^;

There's still hope for Bike!Beelzemon though:

I don't care how much this thing will cost when it's actually released, I'm totally getting one X3



It was shown as a prototype at some figure event...thing in Japan. I hope the final product doesn't change though ._. There were some other old fan favs too, but Beelzemon was the only one I found important [Gallantmon? pshhh, who cares about him XD]

Okay, the link that showed Gallantmon is here:

And the rest of the nostalgia-mons should be here:

And so I don't get mauled for not giving credit, these links were found by peeps at the wtw digimon forum ^^; Enjoy :3

omg those are soooo amazing ;-;

but Agumon and Tailmon are kinda ugly; which makes me sad since Tailmon was my favorite in Adventure ;___;

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