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Something came in the mail for me today~
...Well, that shouldn't be too much of a surprise when you're a collector of things but:


This is Siva Shiva from the "Real Figure" set of SMT figures by FuRyu; the series only has 2 demons so far though, Shiva and Thor [but alas, Thor isn't my kind of demon, so I only got Shiva ^^; I'm trying to imagine how bad the Engrish was on his box though X3]

You'll have to excuse my crappy photography skills with shiny boxes ^^;

Left side of the box

And the right side...the back was mostly covered in Japanese text that I assumed to be a disclaimer or something and the copyright info and boring stuff. The pic before the cut was actually the bottom of the box [and what I saw when I first opened the box...from the top. Does anyone know how to package things these days?!

Sadly Shiva will have to stay in the box [which looks really cool anyways :p] Until I can clear up some shelf space for him ^^; He's got the same look as the version that was in Nocturne [and consequently in most of the other PS2 SMT-and-related-series games released after it :p]

I hope anyone who sees this doesn't want one of their own, because the webshop I got him from [Hobby Link Japan] and one other place I saw them selling [] both have them listed as sold out/discontinued even though they were just released D: I'm so glad I pre-ordered, even if hlj was incompetent at getting him shipped out [srsly, the figures were released a bit after October 10th, and I just got the package today, got invoiced near the beginning of the month, SAL shipping didn't help -_-; Never bought from them before though, so don't use hlj if you're in a hurry XD]

Now I'm off to bed :p

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Neato! I don't recognize him, but what an epic looking figure. Those abs. *_*

He looks expensive. :p

Holy crap, I had no idea they were making figures like this. He's absolutely gorgeous. Very nice find!

Nooo, that isn't what I like to hear ._. Back in july, when I first found out about these and a couple other sets of SMT-related figures, I made a news-style post and threw it to a few places ( forums, the Digital Devil Database, a sort-of fragmented version in one of the SMT-related comms here, even Siliconera mixed it in with some other news XD) I wish I knew where all the Megaten nerds hang out so I can inform more efficiently ^^;

No, don't worry about it. *hugs* I stay away from a lot of Megaten fan communities for various reasons. ^^; Unfortunately that means I miss some stuff, but usually my LJ buddies are great at sharing :D

I hope anyone who sees this doesn't want one of their own

I hope anyone who sees this doesn't want one of their own

why do you do this to me whyyy ;-;

Because I only got one, I'm not one of those crazy hoarders that save them and inflate prices :x I made a post about the new figures here: and a couple other places, but there doesn't seem to be a definitive place where all the Megaten fans hang out (that isn't a social network; I won't touch those things, not even for SMT ;>>) you could try ebay, or take the kana/kanji combo from the news post there and see what you can find on Yahoo Japan or something? ^^;


and those P3/4 key chains and Jack Frost figure fffff I'm definitley keeping my eyes open for them <3

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